Project Brief Description

Tamin ICT Holding Company

Rightel Communications Services

3G Cellphone Development

Tamin Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Holding Company

Star Persian Gulf Oil Refinery

360,000 BPD condensate refinery in Bandar Abbas

Anahita Oil Refinery

150,000 BPD crude oil refinery in Kermanshah 

FanAvaran Petrochemical

Fan Avaran Methanol 2

Ilam Petrochemical

Ilam Olefin

Siraf Refinery

60000 BPD  condensate refinery

Qeshm Nik Oil Refinery

120,000 BPD condensate refinery

Marjan Petrochemical

1.65 M Ton methanol production plan

Kharg Petrochemical

Methanol 2


Morvarid Petrochemical

500,000 Ton liquid Mono Ethylene Glycol production

Barez Industrial Group

Kurdistan Barez tire

Jam Petrochemical

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

Khorasan Petrochemical

GTPP Gas to Polypropylene

Tamin Sadr Holding Company

Kurdestan Gold Mining

Ghalghale, Ghabghaluje and Kroyan gold mines exploration, extraction and process

Pars Tara Tamin

Sistan Baluchestan poly metal exploration

Esfahan Steel Co.

Shahid Kazemi 2 M ton raw steel production

70 ton per hour rail production

25,000 normal cubic meter oxygen production

Coal powder injection to furnaces 

Coal number 2 battery renovation

Ghaem optimization

Tamin Pharmaceutical Holding Company

Farabi pharmaceutical

New product

Plastic container production

Injective products

Sterilized injective products

Medicine container production

Razak pharmaceutical

Breathing sprays

Abu reyhan Pharmaceutical

Biological medicines

Zahravi pharmaceutical

Biotechnology products

Caspian Tamin pharmaceutical

Prefilled injection

GMP renovation

Chlor pars

100 ton chlorine production capacity increase

Farayand Gostar Tamin

Hydrogen Peroxide plant 

Hejrat Distribution

Central warehouse construction

Tamin Cement Holding Company

Fars and Khuzestan cement

Transfer to Kharame area  and set a new factory

Behbahan Khuzestan cement

AlEmare, Iraq cement mill

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