General Industries

1.     Introduction

Tamin General Industries Investment Company as one of the SSIC holding companies established in 2003 in order to invest in non-objective and small scale industries. TGIIC plays a significant role in SSIC portfolio management and investment risk reduction. In this regard this holding company covers a wide range of industries including livestock, home appliances, and tourism, etc.

2.     Subsidiaries

Cellulose Industries

-       Iran Carton

-       Alborz Carton

-       Kaveh Paper Industries

-       Iran Wood & Paper Industries (Chooka)

-       Mazandaran Wood & Paper Industries

-       Khazar Caspian Wood Industries

-       Asalem Wood Industries

-       Babolsar Fiber

-       Alyaf

-       Maragheh Paper Industries

-       Bahonar Wood Industries

-       Khuzestan Harir Co.

-       LatifPaper Co.

Cultivation & Livestock

-       FKA Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Co.

-        Goldash Nemoneneh Isfahan Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Co.

-       Malard Shir Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Co.

Home Appliances

-       Pars Electric

-       Arj

-       Pars


-       Saba Tamin Management Services Co.

-       Iran Touring & Tourism Investment Co.


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