Mining, Metalic and Non-Metalic

1.    Introduction

Tamin Sadr Investment Company as one of the SSIC investment holdings was established in 1999 with nominal capital of one billion Rials as a limited company active in the field of textile and ceramic industries. STIC is the first specialized holding company in textile and ceramic industry in Iran. In 2007 and according to the vision of Social Security Investment Company (Shasta), new direction for STIC determine and holding entered  to metallic and non-metallic minerals industry.

2.    Activities

Main activities of STIC are as follows:

·       Investment in the construction and mining industries inside and outside the country

·       creation,establishment and operation of new companies and factories in order to achieve the company's objectives, alone or in partnership with other individuals and entities

·       Representation of domestic and foreign institutions and companies to achieve the objectives associated with the subject  of company

·       Participation and investment in the manufacturing, trade, business services and domestic financial institutions

·       Management,supervision and support, consulting and technical services, in related industries

3.    Subsidiaries

Metallic Minerals

-      Khuzestan Steel Co.

-      Isfahan Mubarakeh Steel Co.

-      Khuzestan Oxin Steel Co.

-      National Iranian Copper Industries Co.

-      Bahonar Copper Industries Co.

-      Mines& Metals Investment Co.

-      Sadi Industrial Group

-      Ahvaz Pipe Mills Co.

-      Mahshahr Pipe Mills Co.

Non-Metallic Minerals

-      Iran China Clay Industries Co.

-      Iran Mineral Salts Co.

-      Iran Glass Wool Co.

-      Iran Refractories Co.

Tile & Ceramic

-      Alvand Tile & Ceramic Industries

-      Nilou

-      Pars Tile

-      Saadi Tile & Ceramic Co.

-      Laab iran

-      Golsar Fars

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