Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

1.    Introduction

The company was initially known as the Abadan Oil Refinery Company (Limited) was established in 2002. Tappico as one of the SSIC investment holdings active in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industries was created by integration of Abadan oil refinery and oil and gas holding. Tappico with 41 companies in 4 main areas of business, including oil and gas,petrochemicals, rubber and cellulose industries, has a significant share in the country's economy. With extensive investment in large national projects such as the Star of Persian Gulf oil refinery with a refining capacity of 360 thousand barrels per day and worth 3.8 billion euros and 3 methanol projects, with a total capacity of 4.8 million tons per year and the total value of 1.5 billion euros and other large national projects play an important role in the development of oil, gas and petrochemical industries of Iran.

2.    Activities

Main activities of Tappico are as follows:

·       Investment in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries inside and outside the country

·       Creation,establishment and operation of new companies and factories in order to achieve the company's objectives, alone or in partnership with other individuals and entities

·       Representation of domestic and foreign institutions and companies to achieve the objectives associated with the subject  of company

·       Participation and investment in the manufacturing, trade, business services and domestic financial institutions

·       Management,supervision and support, consulting and technical services, in related industries

3.    Subsidiaries


-      Petrochemical Industries Investment

-       Investment & Development of Rubber Industries

Petrochemical Industry

-       Fanavaran Petrochemical Plant

-       Amir-Kabir Petrochemical Plant

-       Khorasan Petrochemical Plant

-       Abadan Petrochemical Plant

-       Ghadir Petrochemical Plant

-       Maroun Petrochemical Plant

-       Jam Petrochemical Plant

-       Nouri Petrochemical Plant

-       Kharg Petrochemical Plant

-       Shazand Petrochemical Plant

-       Marjan Petrochemical Plant

-       Marjan Petrochemical Plant

-       Morvarid Petrochemical Plant

-       Shiraz Petrochemical Plant

-       Tabriz Petrochemical Plant

-       Bakhtar Petrochemical Plant

-       Ilam Petrochemical Plant

-       Farabi Petrochemical Plant


Oil & GasIndustry

-      Iranol

-      Pasargad Oil Co.

-      PersiIran Gas

-      Anahita Oil Refinery

-      Isfahan Oil Refinery

-       Persian Gulf Star Oil Co.

-      Qeshm Nik Oil

-      North Drilling Co.

-      Arya Oil & Gas Development Co.

Rubber Industry

-      Barez Industrial Group

-      IranYasa

-      Yazd Tire      

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