Transportation and Civil Construction


Tamin Construction and Transportation Investment Company as one the SSIC subsidiaries is a multidisciplinary holding established in 2008 and is active in the field of providing services in holding, civil construction and Transportation. At the present, the company with 23 subsidiary active in two main fields including construction and transportation services has a
significant share in national economy of Iran.
Within Iran, TCTI has a market share of over 70% in rail transportation, 60% in petroleum productions transportation and 2% in construction services.

1.    Subsidiaries

Construction Services

-       Sabir

-       Iran Sazeh

-       Pars Sazeh

-       Soliran

-       Dural

-       Abadgaran Tourism &Leisure Complex


-       I.R. Iran ShippingLines(IRISL)

-       National Iranian Tanker Company(NITC)

-       Raja Rail Transportation Co.

-       Nirou Rail Transportation

-       Abadan Transport & Marine Services Co.


-       International Good Inspection Co.(IGI)

-       Arvandan Shipbuilding Co.

-       Payaneh Ehdas

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