Cement is one of the most used commodities in Iran and all over the World which it has no replacement till now and mainly acts as raw material in many industries. Cement production was over 3639MT, 3831 MT and 4061 MT in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively. So the annual growth rate of production is almost 7% according to the last reports.

In 2013, Iranian companies produced 79MT cement and the country achieved 4th rank in production. It is expected to increase production capacity to level of 94MT per year by the end of 2015.

Fars and Khuzestan Cement Group is established in 1954 and now, with capacity of more than 35% of total production of Iran, as the biggest group in cement industry,has a main role and position.



1.      CementManufacturing

1.1.           Abyek Cement Co

1.2.           Farsnov Cement Co

1.3.           Fars Cement Co

1.4.           Behbahan Cement Co

1.5.           Khazar Cement Co

1.6.           Neyriz Cement Co

1.7.           Gharb Cement Co

1.8.           Dorood Cement Co

1.9.           Bojnord Cement Co

1.10.       Khash Cement Co

1.11.       Saveh Cement Co

1.12.       Zanjan Cement Co

1.13.       Firouzkuh Cement Co

2.     Industry Related

2.1.         Ahwaz Farsit Co

2.2.         Doroud Farsit Co

2.3.         Fars Gypsum Co

3.      Engineering

3.1.           Doroud Machinery Co

3.2.           Cement Engineering and Construction Co

3.3.           Cement Industry Research and Development Co

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