Banking, Insurance and Investment

Tamin Saba was established in 1998 as financial holding of SSIC which has activities in four main financial sectors:

1.     Banking

2.     Insurance

3.     Capital market

4.     International Trade

Saba investment portfolio mostly includes Listed Companies in Tehran Stocks Exchange with amount of 1.7B$ by the end of financial year 2014.For the last financial year Saba achieved 25% of ROI and incredible ROE for 79%. Regarding to 150% growth rate in Net profit Saba achieved more than 225 M$ by the end of May-2014.

Group Corporations:

1.      SabaTamin Brokerage Company

2.      BahonarBrokerage Company

3.      HamoonShomal

4.      MacroGroup

5.      GelubGroup

Group Subsidiaries andAffiliated Companies:

1- Mellat bank

2- Refah Bank

3- Tejarat Bank

4- Kar Afarin Bank

5- Dana Insurance Co.

6- Mihan Insurance Co.

7- Alborz Insurance Co.

8- Mellat Insurance Co.

9- Parsian Insurance Co.

10 Asia Insurance Co.

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