CEO Message

SSIC, as greatest economic corporation, with more than a quarter of a century experience in the field of management and investment in industry and a big share in the whole production in the country, has attempted to meet all the national and international requirements and to effect directly on gaining the country benefits . 

SSIC, as one of the biggest economic corporation in the field of investment, has aimed to efficiently manage social security organization (SSO) devoted financial resources with the approach of profitability and create the added value in internal and external markets with the role of making commitment to the insured. Also it has aimed to provide financial benefits of all the country, especially at the current situation of sanction in Iran. So, acting according to “resistive economy “is the headpiece of SSIC missions. 

This company is responsible for producing and investment development in fundamental and productive parts of the country like: oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cement, metallic and non-metallic material, transportation, construction and banking and financial services. 

We hope that according to our past experience, management new methods and human resources, we witness the better economic and social performance of SSIC .

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